Our partnership consists of six schools located across Europe. In all our local communities, the need to raise awareness in order to adopt more environmentally friendly behavior is strong. 

Our schools have all worked on projects relating to the environment, with various activities connected with the curriculum.

Our aim is to set up an environmental friendly project by building up European citizenship, with young pupils and their families.

The work on values resulting from eco-friendly activities (self-respect, game rules, solidarity, team spirit, a taste for effort) will help to establish a responsible attitude and thus restore the values almost forgotten by some children and parents in our schools such as self-confidence, self-awareness, selfcontrol, motivation, effective conflict solving and empathy. 

This practice will link the feelings of the children to the environment and they will realise the need to take care of their hearts and minds in order to develop a constructive way of life in the future.

The Project will involve:

1. A total of 45 teachers of the schools partnership:they will be fully involve in every activities and in the exchanges with other schools;

2. Administrative and managerial staff of the schools: they help to manage the project and the mobilities;

3. Pupils aged 5- 8: a total of 150 pupils participated at the local activities and will be fully involve in the project. 42 pupils from UK, Italy and Greece will be involved in exchanges abroad.

4. Parents: they will be involve in activities outside the schools and in some training; some of them may be involve in mobilities.

5. Local Municipalities: they will be informed and will take part in events organized within hosting partner and during the dissemination events.

6. Local agencies ( such forestry agency; librarians; ): will be involved for helping during activities and Training.

By sharing experiences on the educational environment and organize ecological days and other social activities we intend to promote children's awareness of environmental issues.

Some activities will be:activities in the "pine trees forest", "5 senses workshop", animated film activity, walk in Wonder-Forest, environmental in education trail, take care school gardens, activities such recycle, separate waste.

During the training for teachers will arranged: traveling seminars (the ochre trail, a regional park, workshop in the forest; workshop on sustainability and local production.

By teaching values such as respect and tolerance, social responsibility and solidarity, we intend to promote respect for people, especially for disabled and disadvantaged students.

The methodology will be project based learning; every step will include a cycle: finding out, analysis, refelection, new action. The results will be: into the school a tangible change in the environment sustainability; increase awareness of all actors involved; adopting the schools’ agenda with the results of the project, so after it comes into force it will be compulsory for all the teachers. 

At local level strength links with local communities and export good habits; spread the environmental awareness in the whole local Community. At European levels to increase awareness that environmental issues are European and global issues and they need to be addressed by an European vision.